I want to express my eternal gratitude to Lee Taylor who earned my admiration and respect for her dedication and compassion in helping care for my 14 year old Rottweiler, Hercules, in the final months of his life following abdominal surgery and multiple seizures which left him severely disabled.  

Lee was instrumental in enabling Hercules to maintain a good quality of life despite his numerous physical impediments, including an inability to ambulate on his own.  With her strength and impressive skills, Lee was able to assist Hercules to be able to walk again.  In addition to assisting Hercules to walk twice daily, seven days per week, both outdoors and indoors, Lee helped maintain Hercules' flexibility by doing exercises and stretches with him to make his legs and hips stronger.  My many observations of Lee's interactions with animals and our extensive discussions about the humane treatment of animals have amply confirmed Lee's love and concern for the well-being of dogs and all animals.    

I highly recommend Lee and  K9 Fit Training.

B.McRae, Mt.Vernon, NY


K9 Fitness Training in Eastchester. Servicing Westchester county, New York

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Lee Taylor trained our young, very active, Soft Wheaten Terrier, Jessie. With her consistency in training Jessie (and also the family members) she learned to sit and lie down on command, and also that it was inappropriate to jump on people to say hello.  With Lee's gentle training methods, Jessie is now a year old and has grown into a beautiful, well behaved and well adjusted dog.  She goes to doggie daycare/boarding and loves the company of other dogs and people as well.  Jessie was also having issues with submissive peeing everytime someone came to visit,  which Lee worked with us to help Jessie to overcome. This was only possible with the help of K9 Fit Training and Lee Taylor.  I cannot tell you how grateful we are.