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    ..........Your brain wanting to get out of bed, walk, run or play, but your body simply won't cooperate.  And you cannot verbalize your feelings to your humans because you are a dog.  

     Now imagine...you begin an exercise program which is fun, exciting, and you are starting to feel stronger and more alive!  And your humans say that they think you are actually smiling now!  How would that change the quality of your life?

The Goal

To help your dog become well mannered and as fit as possible, so you can enjoy many happy years together.  This type of training teaches your dog to have impulse control, and to focus on YOU, at the same time making their body stronger in order to reduce the likelihood of injuries.  

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Why Choose Me?

I will help your dog with stability, balance and strength while doing safe conditioning, as well as teaching impulse control. Basic manners training is also part of the program.  I follow a specific protocol to ensure the safety and well being of your pets.  They progress to more difficult exercises only when they are ready and it is safe to do so. 


And dogs love it!

I train in my gym or your home.  If you prefer to do the exercises yourself, I train you to work with your dog.


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